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More than 10 years after Resident Evil first shocked and amazed game players around the world, it's been squished down to a portable format that preserves most of what made the original so great. Resident Evil: Deadly Silence is basically a straight port of the 1996 PlayStation classic, though it adds a few neat twists made possible by the Nintendo DS. While the graphical presentation isn't as impressive as you'd expect from Resident Evil, it's still impressive to have the whole game playable in the palm of your hand. More importantly, Resident Evil DS still packs some good freaky fun, and it's a cool way for the series' newer fans to experience the game that coined the phrase "survival horror." Resident Evil's story comes straight out of a horror movie. The new game effectively sets the stage for plenty of tense and suspenseful action. The premise is simple but compelling: The elite S.T.A.R.S. alpha team is sent in to reconnoiter with bravo team, which disappeared while investigating a disturbance near an old mansion. But alpha team is promptly attacked by monstrous things and forced to split up. Now Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, together with several other surviving comrades, are trapped in the mansion and trying to regroup and escape. But are their conventional weapons enough to protect them against the living dead? The story becomes quite captivating as Chris and Jill begin unraveling the mysteries of both their hideous enemies and the mansion. 

A girlfriend or a girlfriend experience?

There are so many people nowadays looking for love and romance. There are also people who would prefer a short-lasting affair and would like to meet someone out of their usual circle of comrades. The latter is simpler to conduct, as a number sources exist that could provide with social adventures: public places, dating sites and escorts service. The first source is rather commonplace, unless the person is not too shy and with many hang-ups. Others just strolling on the streets of London say hello to a girl they like, involve her into a conversation and later possibly into some intimacy. Dating sites and escorts service have something in common. Both are available via internet and you might have a pre-meeting acquaintance with the potential partner. And both presume at least one date. And the relationship shouldn’t last too long, only as long as both the parties decide. However the differences are obvious. The relationships with the girl you get to know with the help of a dating site may become complicated, and one risks being obliged to go on dates systematically, to make presents to the girl and to treat her to anything she pleases. On the other hand, one can expect loyalty and total devotion from the girl. And what is more, such experience may turn into a deep and tender mutual love, which is not that bad sometimes. And this is also the main objective for many of those who appeal to these sites. At the same time, you can avoid with an escort all the complications associated with traditional relationships. Escorts do not expect tenderness and affectivity from their partners. As well as you don’t have to guess what gifts to buy them, because you just don’t give presents to a person as a rule when you pay them for their time spent on you. Moreover, you can call her back anytime you like as seldom as you like or rather not to call her back at all! And more than that, you may even go on a date with her colleague or any other woman without any problems. You are and free to forget them if you wish. Nevertheless, you may have girlfriend experience with them, which means, she will pretend for a while, that you are the man of her dreams. One more advantage is that escorts are usually more experienced and sophisticated, than “a girl from the street”, and every evening with one of them (or maybe more) is expected to be unforgettable. The major disadvantage is that usually the “love” of such women is insincere and if you seek for durable relationship with a reliable person, this variant isn’t for you. And the worst thing: what if you really fall in love with an escort for whom you are just her job, one of the tasks, and no more? Anyway, it’s up to each individual to decide which is better – a real girlfriend or an escort offering girlfriend experience?

Fans Mail 2

03/12/2003 14:21:41 Hi there, I just thought I'd mail you the slightly edited picture I've made myself for a desktop wallpaper. I'd like to find out how you feel about it... It's a bit weird, isn't it, a total stranger on the other side of the planet falling in adoration for a picture of your devine self. Well, that's what you get from being so bloody beautifull, I guess... No, seriously, truly, I do hope you don't mind. Actually, I'm hoping you might just even be quite pleased. Are you? Joris 02/12/2003 09:52:55 I'm terribly sorry to intrude on you like this, a total stranger, out of the blue... Neuh, not really, I'm not. In fact, I wanted to intrude. I wanted to tell you that I think you're just immensely hugely incredebly beautifull. Oh boy, it's been a while since a picture made me growl. I hope you don't mind, but... oh well, let's cut the bull, I don't care if you mind. I'm simply telling you you'll be my desktop wallpaper for a while, and I'll enjoy every second. I'm more then willing to send you the picture, once I've adjusted it in size and fuzziness and such to make a perfect desktop wallpaper... But then again, I guess you don't care whether I care if you mind, and aren't remotely interested in my wallpaper? Why am i writing this, then? Well, that growl must have had something to do with it, I'm sure. But you're right, it's pretty pointless. Have a nice day anyway. Your flavor of female power is a thing of beauty. Joris 18/11/2003 17:44:52 Hello, I know you don't know me but I really feel I should congratulate you on you're website. You really know the true meaning of seductive. 15/11/2003 15:34:12 Hi Candeta, I hope you don't mind me emailing you out of the blue, but I was browsing the Internet and came across your website. I really like the site and the Goth Doll maker is a very cool idea! I also wanted to say how good it is to see a website with Danzig on it as I'm a big fan. :) Most of my friends aren't that keen on Danzig so it's always nice to find another fan. You have some very nice pictures on your site. I'm going to the Blackest of the Black gig in London next Saturday, where Danzig is headlining. I heard that My Ruin were playing too, but I must have been mistaken. It was probably Meldrum all along! Well, I guess you're a busy lady so I'll leave it at that. Keep up the good work! Take care Jayne 15/11/2003 09:31:45 Dearest Candeta, Um this isn’t a sales pitch or such junk. I saw you on yahoo and just felt like writing. I live in Houston, Texas, but I am in Hawaii at the moment. Here are some pictures that feature my amazing tan. I told people I don’t tan, just turn a little orange. I like reading and writing and evil people in general. I wouldn’t mind talking to you if you want to writ me back. This is a kinda brief intro I know so feel free to ask me stuff. Hope I hear from you. kisses The price of love she takes on my hands and knees after her fingertip to slowly trace And worship at her pagan alter 07/11/2003 22:10:47 Dear Ms. Mayflower, Good afternoon. My name is Ben and I am an American college student. A freshman at that. I just spent about the last half hour or so looking at your website and I just wanted to say it's awesome. I'm very interested in mysticism and things of that sort, although I'm not goth, or satanic. I simply have a penchant for the mysterious and enchanted. I like to write, and I've RPed on AOL, before we cancelled it that is. As such, I seem to have a small thing for female vampires. I'm not sure why, there's just always been some vague fascination. Don't get me wrong; I'm a rather naive, modest guy, but they interest me. Maybe because I see myself as the sort of bumbling hero (smart, but no common sense). Who knows. Anyways, I read your FAQs. Funny stuff. I like the sarcasm. I also looked at your vampire pictures (of you). And I just have to say wow. The middle picture, with the blue light and your eyes gleaming? Simply hypnotic. If my soul wasn't going to be condemned I would say bite away. It's just very hypnotic. But I would like to think I would put up a struggle. Makes it more fun, I suppose. I like the blonde hair (I prefer blondes, but have only dated brunettes...odd, huh?) and also think the red streaks add a nice touch. I think red and pink are very feminine, seductive colors, and don't detract from the gothic presence you have. In my opinion, you are very seductive. Seeing as how I'm a college guy, I like how you show a lot of dominant female vampires. The media seems to portray female vampires merely as skanks and the male vampires as the truly strong ones, such as Dracula. I mean, in from Dusk Till Dawn, Salma Hayak gets dusted early. Although, in Bordello of Blood the top vamp is female, so I guess there is some balance. Again, awesome site. I'd like be interested in a reply, but I can definately understand how you could be too busy not to, so don't worry! Have a nice day, Ben 26/10/2003 03:13:34 I have only found your site today, and I visited every single bit. I signed up on your forum, and as soon as I check my email, and receive my password, I will post. I can only say, you have a wide variety of interests, especially in music and people. I cannot fault a woman who likes Journey and Danzig! The thing with Cliff Richard did throw me a bit, but when I checked out his pics, I realized I had forgotten how good looking he is. Well, enough rambling for now, I only wanted to tell you personally how much I enjoyed your site! 24/10/2003 06:52:02 I just thought I'd say your site kicks ass. I finnally found someone I can relate to. Keep up the kick ass job on the site! 15/10/2003 15:10:07 Hallo, nice website... hope to talk ya soon   

Fans Mail 1

j31/01/2004 20:48:14 Hey, I don't know why i'm sending you this I know it's a bit wierd but I just wanted to say I LOVE your site, I go there and look around every weekend well eeerm... so there ya go Kyle 25/01/2004 02:13:05 hiya, how r u? good i hope im not gonna annoy u with a really long boring email, but just messaging cause ur not online, and i went to ur webpage and wanted to say thankyou....i really enjoyed looking at it, reading about u, and everything u like. u have cool pics, u look amazing in each and everyone :) anywayz i'd love to hear back from u, and if u want to, maybe chat sometime. either way, its upto u....take care waq 15/01/2004 19:01:04 HEY!! I just wanted to email you personally so theres more chance of you seeing this, im dave and im a BIG fan of your site! IT RULESSS! how much time did you spend on that!? It is really really very good! please rreply!! 06/01/2004 23:35:09 Hello, Deadly. I do enjoy your site. Not only is it well thought out, put together and interesting. It has graphic's I want, and need sometimes, and a great deal of neatness. You should continue at what you do, as you are talented, not to mention beautiful either. I'm not going to bug you over and over, considering, your just way to nice. You have interesting opinions, and its nice to see someone else with an interest in Vampire's. That Moron who e-mailed you saying junk, really should be shot. ^_^ 02/01/2004 22:24:44 I was surfing the net and came by your site. I love your pics, however, I was wondering if you had fangs or if they were put in with a computer. They are still beautiful, and your site is magnificent. In fact, it's so groovy I would be honored to make you a set of fangs for free. I'm based in Tampa, but I do travel to New Orleans quite a bit. 01/01/2004 22:51:03 Hi Pretty: Thank you for signing my guestbook. I really did enjoy your site. As a matter of fact I was back there earlier today and while there checked out your Gallerys, I thought they were very interesting and the name Deadlypretty fits you well. Happy New Year 01/01/2004 00:30:30 Hello! I think your website is so wonderful! Do you think you could help me with building mine? That'd be so very appreciated Always, Shy 25/12/2003 19:13:54 Just visited your site, and I wanted to comment on not only how well the site was designed, but how good you look. You are, in no other words, really beautiful. No, I'm not a freak or anything, I'm not going to bother you over and over, though I would like to talk sometime if that's okay with you. I'm on AIM @ xxx . You can respond to this e-mail at this address. Thanks for your time! ^_^ 19/12/2003 17:54:42 Very nice! 13/12/2003 06:01:23 Hi I was looking at your site, checking things out. I liked what I saw. I'm not Goth but I'm open to new things, and wanted to learn more. Sorry you are feeling Heartbroken. You are a very attractive lady. So be try cheer up, you have a very pretty smile. bye for now. Henry 05/12/2003 12:48:34 Hi There my name is TaZ aka (Andy) You have a really cool website and you are one good looking vampiress. I am 34 years old and an old punk (British Punk) and Goth stuff you are prob married lucky bastard lol but what I wanted to ask was do you have henry rollins email addy Thanks a bunch TaZ "Death becomes me"

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